Proofreading on Screen

Text and Exercises

Cover of Proofreading on Screen

As PDF proofs become ever more prevalent and as proofreaders are increasingly asked to check files intended for electronic output, so it becomes more important for proofreaders to be equipped to deal with electronic files.

For many who learned their trade working on paper proofs, it will be a question of filling in gaps in skills and knowledge. This is what Proofreading on Screen is designed to achieve. The book gives a quick refresher on the essentials of proofreading, then explores the best ways to work with text that is either delivered, or destined to be published, electronically. It will also help readers to understand the differences between digital and paper workflow.

Proofreading on Screen is written by Graham Smith and is based on Module 4 of Editorial Training's distance learning course, Proofreading Today. It is therefore highly practical. A substantial part of it is exercise based, and readers are able to download the exercises and suggested solutions from the Editorial Training website.

Editorial Training 2009
Paperback (116 pages)
ISBN: 978 0 9562085 0 7
£12.99 (plus £2.50 postage and packing)